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Welcome to the website of the Síndic de Greuges de la Comunitat Valenciana (Ombudsman of the Valencian Region). The information provided on this web site is intended to bring our Institution nearer to citizens by explaining its role and how we work. You will also be able to find on this site, how to file a complaint against the Autonomous or Local Authorities, in case you think there has been a violation of fundamental rights.

We would also like to take advantage of the opportunities provided by new technologies to complement and broaden our possibilities of service and attention to claims or queries filed by citizens, and turn this web site into the Síndic's electronic office.

Síndic news

Men stand up against women violence

picture of the event: 70 men from different spheres of Valencian Society gathered against women violence

Cholbi takes part in the Cadena Ser Valencia initiative against women violence

The Ombudsman opens an own-initiative inquiry about true equality in the field of secondary education

Representative picture of equality between women and men

Cholbi insists education is crucial to prevent violence against women

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